OxiPour™ is a patented technology.

- European patent: DK/EP 2174881
- U.S. patent: US 8,413,585

The development of OxiPour™ was started in early 2008 with very specific objectives of making:

- A gasket with an aerating function, that can be incorporated into all kind of designs and with different materials

- A gasket with a function that doesn’t aerate the most – but secure a correct aeration of the wine in order to keep the fine nuances of aroma and flavor

- To develop a patented innovation.

Wine accessories are in a growing market. IDEAS Denmark wants to be a part of this growth but in accordance with our business idea – IDEAS inside…

Why aerate your wines?

- Aeration (oxidizing) is the best way to open up young wines.

- Exposing wine to air breaks down tannin and reduces the odor which hides their true aroma.

- It makes them more balanced and smoother.

With OxiPour™ you will get:

- A wine which gets a significant improvement in taste

- A wine which will breathe instantly due to numerous elongated slots which draws in a proper amount of air

- A gentle pouring – the wine will not splash

- A function tested to give a clear improvement in taste tested by a professional sommelier

- An easy cleaning

OxiPour™ is a unit to be integrated into customer´s own design and makes style and material possibilities numerous. The OxiPour™ unit is conically shaped and fits into any bottleneck between 17-20 mm.

Besides the pouring and aeration function there are other possibilities to add on such as:

- Return flow function (non-drip)

- Stopper “twist n’ tight” function

- Filter/strainer