Why CrushGrind®

CrushGrind® is the original ceramic mechanism.
We revolutionized the grinder industry when we launched our ceramic mechanism CrushGrind® and we now we have 20 years in-depth knowledge in this specific niche.

The ”heart” of CrushGrind® is made in Hi-Tech ceramic -  a clean, inactive, natural material which is ideal for processing all kinds of foodstuffs. Food is organic and should be ground in a natural process.

CrushGrind® can grind salt, pepper, herbs, blends, sesame, flax-seeds – and even coffee.  Hi-Tech ceramic gears are optimal for grinding spices as no oxidising or chemical reaction will affect taste or flavour.

We grant 25 years guarantee on the ceramic parts inside CrushGrind® – but when handled with care CrushGrind® will last for a lifetime.

CrushGrind® is inside products from leading brands worldwide.

CrushGrind® is fully adjustable and will keep the setting (fine/coarse).

CrushGrind® is easy to clean.

CrushGrind® delivers unrivalled levels of power and precision. The ceramics is durable and harder than steel, and has passed a test that equals up to 200 years of usage in a normal household.

Gourmet chefs around the world recommend using CrushGrind®.  Spices are healthy – they help you digeste the food faster.

CrushGrind® has passed LFGB, and all materials used comply with FDA and EEC legislations.