In 1994 we introduced the original ceramic mechanism, CrushGrind® to the market.

At that time it was a revolution to use Hi-Tech ceramic for grinding pepper. But IDEAS did not want just to grind pepper – like the traditional mechanisms available at that time. Our CrushGrind® mechanisms could grind salt, pepper, dried herbs, whole spices and spice blends.

Since then the whole trade has changed to ceramics! IDEAS have sold more than 30 million CrushGrind® mechanisms to our high-end customers around the world, and CrushGrind® is still our premium mechanism for the high-end segments.

In 2007 we introduced our new ceramic mechanism, AllGrind™. The ceramic parts inside AllGrind™ are based on the same ceramic technology as CrushGrind®.

AllGrind™ is a high performance salt and pepper grinder. Besides salt and pepper, AllGrind™ can grind dried herbs and most spice blends.

AllGrind™ is the choice of quality conscious companies who also need a competitive price and a reliable source.

AllGrind™ is the only branded ceramic mechanism for the supermarket and hypermarket segment – and we are proud to offer 10 years guarantee on the ceramic parts inside our AllGrind™ mechanisms!

Enjoy the superior aroma and taste from freshly ground spices!

Lone Ogaard Rasmussen
Managing Director & Partner