Hi-Tech ceramics

Over the past 20 years IDEAS have built a vast knowledge in Hi-Tech ceramics.

Aluminum oxide (alumina ceramic)
Our ceramic grinders and our knife honer are produced in alumina based on our own formula. This production process is the foundation of our high quality and has been under constant improvement since the beginning 20 years ago. Our partner factory in China is producing only IDEAS technologies in alumina.

Zirconium oxide (zirconia ceramic)
Our ceramic knives are made in zirconia . The knives are produced by dry pressing zirconia powder and are being fired through solid-state sintering. The resultant blade is sharpened by grinding the edges with a diamond grinding wheel. Zirconia ranks 8.5 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness compared to 6 to 6.5 for hardened steel, and 10 for diamond. This very hard edge rarely needs sharpening.