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IDEAS have developed spice concepts for many of our customers. We also introduced our own spice retail concept, SpicySpoon, back in 2000. We sold this part of our business to Rosendahl in 2004. We have a vast knowledge about spices. Spices is the software to work with our hardware.

We have teamed up with Raffinessen Spices from Switzerland.

Some of their spice blends are shown at the top of this page. They are prepared to customize spices for IDEAS’ clients. Below is a brief presentatio of Raffinessen:

“Our goal is to bring variation and finesse to your culinary daily routine with our spice blends. Thorough knowledge about spices, spirit of discovery and drive of innovation are our strength – to combine new taste compositions with compelling recipes are our core competences.

Spice compositions from Raffinessen contain solely the finest and natural ingredients of best origins. We are proud of not using any flavor enhancers or other artificial additives. Intentionally we try to avoid using allergens to be able to also provide people with allergies the possibility to be pampered with flavour experiences.

Besides our standard range which we sell under the brand of “Raffinessen” we are also offering a wide range of Curry mixtures, as well as other spice creations. Thanks to our great passion for spices and herbs as well as our continuous search for new flavors, and spice combinations our offering is almost inexhaustible, and we are convinced to find a suitable composition for every taste.

There was a time when herbs and spices were counterbalanced with gold. Today you can buy a spice mixture for very little money. We definitely do not want to fight wars over these precious resources but we are determined to anchor its appreciation once again on people´s minds. By avoiding flavor enhancers and other artificial additives we want to sensitize our customers for natural ingredients, to familiarize them with the diversity of flavors, colors and forms and to ultimately inspire them to a healthy cooking.”

Click on their logo at the right to learn more about Raffinessen. Contact us to discuss possibilities about spice concepts.