OxiPour™ was developed in 2008 by IDEAS Denmark A/S.

It is a patented invention: European patent: DK/EP 2174881 and U.S. patent: US 8,413,585.

The Danish sommelier and President of the Danish Sommelier Association, Christian Aarø, gives his highest recommendations to OxiPour™:

  • OxiPour™ is the best functioning product within wine aerators
  • It does not over-aerate the wine, but leaves freshness in the glass which will be appreciated by wine lovers
  • OxiPour™ leaves the wine more open and inviting to the nose, more berries appears, thus the wine is more accessible
  • The flavour becomes more complex and the taste of fruit gets more intense
  • If you swirl the wine in the glass it will reach a further stage, which means OxiPour™ commence the process that you would otherwise have to wait for until the wine would have opened


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Aperio wine aerator with OxiPour™ technology