MakeEdge® – do’s and don’ts


  • Hone your knife every time you use it – MakeEdge® will keep your knives sharp only if you use it very frequently.
  • You can hone as often as you like – the more frequent the better. It will extend the life of a cutting edge.
  • Place your knife in the MakeEdge® – pull the knife towards yourself – lift it – and repeat a couple of times
  • Pull the knife through MakeEdge® without adding any pressure
  • When honing a rounded serrated knife, the 1-stone honer should point towards the serration
  • Remember to rotate the MakeEdge® when ceramic stones are worn – this way you get double lifetime
  • If your MakeEdge® is mounted in a wooden cutting board, we recommend that you dismantle the MakeEdge® when washing/cleaning the cutting board



  • Don’t add pressure on your knife when pulling it through MakeEdge®. You risk that the 2 ceramic stones will be dismantled inside the mechanism housing, thus providing a wrong honing angle
  • Don’t pull the knife back and forth in the MakeEdge® – just pull it towards yourself
  • Don’t try to hone steak knives or other pointy serrated knives. MakeEdge® only works on rounded serrated knives (e.g. breadknives)
  • Don’t add water – MakeEdge® is a dry honer device
  • Don’t expect to be able to sharpen a dull knife. MakeEdge® only works on knives that are maintained. MakeEdge® hones to keep knives sharp, not to make knives sharp