MakeEdge™ is a modern version of the honing steel. But opposite the well-known honing steel – MakeEdge™ is easy to use correctly.

MakeEdge™ is made in ceramic, which is non-magnetic and sharper than steel. MakeEdge™ can hone both plain edges knives and rounded serrated knives.

By honing you unfold the edge of the knife and take away small roughness. A dull knife cannot be sharp again by honing – you hone to keep the knife’s sharpness.

You can hone as often as you like – the more frequently the better! It will extend the life of a cutting edge.

MakeEdge™ can prolong the lifetime of your knives with everyday honing, instead of occasional sharpening.

The MakeEdge™ technology is built on a set of ceramic stones that are mounted into a Click-in unit.

The ceramic stones have 2+1 hones to guide the knife into the right angle and secure a precise and even honing angle.

The geometry of the ceramic stones makes MakeEdge™ able to hone plain as well as most rounded serrated knives.

The MakeEdge™ solution is a small and flexible technology, which is easy to incorporate in any design and material customers may like.

We grant 10 years guarantee on the ceramic parts.