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Powder spices is still the standard within the food industry.

Over the past 10 years more and more spice companies have upgraded to whole spices which are sold with a deposable grinder containing a plastic grinding mechanism. Surely, this is better than powder spices but it far from the standard we can offer. IDEAS have developed a new Technology, Ultimate™, with the spice industry as our target customer. Grinding spices is a niche, but it is our niche! Our technologies bring out the full aroma when you grind. You can easily smell and taste the difference, if you compare to the outcome of plastic grinding mechansim!

We offer spice companies to develop new designs based on our Ultimate™ Technology - free of charge – if they want to upgrade to ceramic grinding of whole spices.

We require min. 500,000 pcs. per year for a unique design.

Alternatively, we can offer our standard Maximum spice grinder unit at MOQ of 50,000 pcs.