How to clean

Like any other kitchen tool you should treat your grinder with care and clean it frequently.

When grinding directly over the stove the grinder – especially the salt grinder – will build up spice dust on the inside wall of the grinder. Make sure to clean the inside wall frequently.

There are 2 easy ways to clean your CrushGrind® grinder:

1. Clean with salt

It is easy to clean the grinder for residue –  simply by grinding coarse salt.  This will clean the ceramic grinding stone  built into the grinder, as well as the the removable ceramic cone.

Some spices and blends are very oily, e.g. curries and garlic, nutmeg and paprika. These spices may clog inside the grinder. This can be partly avoided by adding a coarse salt in the spice mix.

2. Clean with a brush or water

For a more thorough clean we recommend to clean the grinder by turning the grinder forth and back while keeping the grinder up-side-down. This way the chamber between grinding stone and cone is cleaned. Hereafter you can clean as follows:

a) Use a stiff brush
Unscrew the grey adjusting wheel completely and take out the ceramic cone.
You will then see that the cone is filled with residue.
Clean the grinder stone and cone with a stiff brush.

b) Clean with water
If this is not enough you can put the cone in warm water and the residue will dissolve.


Please remember – ceramic parts need to dry completely before mounting and grinding again – the parts should dry for at least 24 hours!

N.B. We do not recommend to wash the whole grinder in a dishwasher, unless this is specifically advised by the Brand of your product. If your product is a wooden or steel grinder you should never use a dish washer.