Every house in the world has a grinder that doesn’t work properly. This was the starting point when the CrushGrind® mechanism was developed. IDEAS revolutionized the grinding business  – and with CrushGrind® inside your grinder, you will have a grinder that works!

In 1991 IDEAS found a small insignificant disposable pepper grinder in a supermarket. The grinder was made by the Japanese inventor, Mitsui Kamioka and apparently, no one had noticed something special about the product which had been in the market for 15 years. The mechanism was made of ceramics just like the old mortars!

In 1992 the development of CrushGrind® was started with the very specific objectives of making:

  • a multi purpose ceramic grinder not only for pepper – but also for salt, spices, herbs and blends like curries.
  • a grinding function at least equal to Peugeot’s fantastic pepper grinder made 150 years earlier, in 1842 – and hitherto unrivalled.
  • a mass produced insert component adjusted to modern production.
  • an improved function integrating the storage of spices.

In 1994 CrushGrind® was thus introduced as the first and only ceramic multi-purpose pepper, salt and spice grinder in the market. Since then the grinding world has just all gone ceramic.

CrushGrind® is like no other grinder. Its unique ceramic mechanism allows you to grind almost anything.

Enjoy the superior aroma and taste from a fresh grind of dried herbs and spices. With CrushGrind® inside.

Ken Muff Lassen
Founder of IDEAS Denmark A/S