The company

In January 1991 Ken Muff Lassen founded the company International Design Enterprise A/S. By coincidence he noticed that the abbreviation of the full name was in fact IDEAS – which by and large summed up what the company was all about.

The past 24 years IDEAS has revolutionised the grinding business. The first invention of the company, the ceramic mechanism, CrushGrind®, is used by leading brands of the household industry. More than 50 mio CrushGrind® products are used daily in households around the world.

Besides ceramic grinders for salt, pepper, dried spices and herbs, IDEAS has developed various products and concepts within the theme “flavour enhancement”: The patented invention OxiPour™ for aerating wine, NO SPILL, a feature that can be added on CrushGrind® salt and pepper mills, to eliminate the problem of getting spice dust on the table and The pat.pend. invention CrushGrind® Coffee, a new standard for grinding coffee.

We wrap our IDEAS inside developments into functional cartridges that can be implemented into all kinds of materials and designs.

It is our belief that all inventions can be improved and we are constantly striving to maintain our role as pioneers in the development of functional concepts for the modern household.

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