Our company

In January 1991 Ken Muff Lassen founded the company International Design Enterprise A/S. By coincidence he noticed that the abbreviation of the full name was in fact IDEAS – which by and large summed up what the company was all about.

In 2011 we proudly celebrate IDEAS’ 20 years anniversary.

The past 20 years we have revolutionized the grinding business. When we started all grinder mechanisms were made in either steel or plastic. Today ceramic grinders are considered the standard. We have sold more than 30 million ceramic grinders and our technologies are used worldwide by the leading brands of the industry.

IDEAS continue to be on a mission to upgrade the world of grinding.

We have solutions for all segments – from hypermarket to high street.

We are the leading business-to-business supplier of ceramic mechanisms, either as finished products or mechanisms.

Besides grinders we have concepts and technologies for wine aerating, knife honing and more.

It is our belief that all inventions can be improved and we are constantly striving to maintain our role as pioneers in the development of functional concepts for the modern household.

IDEAS proudly manufacture products in China in close cooperation with our main partner based in Huizhou, Guangdong Province.

We take pride in serving our clients with qualified sparring and project management, where we take upon ourselves to make things happen within the time schedule agreed upon.

We do not believe in customer/supplier relationships. We only work in partnerships where the success of a development is defined by adapting expectations between all partners in the project – this means delivering products in the quality agreed upon, at the right time and at a competitive price.

We believe all parties in a cooperation must add value. If we get assignments where we cannot add real value, we will thank no. IDEAS is not a sourcing company. We build a fundamental knowledge and thus create successful concepts. We always start within our core competences to build a first customer product around our guaranteed technologies. Thereafter we add products to create synergies.

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Lone Ogaard Rasmussen
Managing Director & Partner