Why is ceramic material better than metal – for a grinder?

High tech ceramic – or new ceramic – is the future material for grinders. It is harder than steel and does not corrode when used for salt. A mechanism made in high tech ceramic can grind – besides salt and pepper – all kinds of dried spices and herbs.

Can I buy CrushGrind® mechanisms in small quantities?

Our minimum order quantity is 3,000 pcs.

Craftsmen and woodturners who wish to buy in quantities below 3,000 pcs. should go to our “Craftsmen Area” under “Support”.

Here you will be able to see which local area partner you can contact instead.

What do your guarantees cover?

Our functions always come with a guarantee.

We grant 25 years guarantee on the ceramic parts inside CrushGrind®

We grant 10 years guarantee on the ceramic parts inside AllGrind™

We grant 10 years guarantee on the ceramic parts inside MakeEdge®

We grant 5 years guarantee on the TPE gasket of OxiPour™

If our function has a defect we replace the defective function with a new function or alternatively, we  issue a credit note on the value of the specific function.

Our guarantee does not cover the value of the whole product, only the mechanism/function.

What do you mean by IDEAS inside?

IDEAS inside is our term for our technologies mounted inside a customer product: CrushGrind® inside, AllGrind™ inside, MakeEdge® inside and OxiPour™ inside.

I bought a CrushGrind® pepper grinder and it doesn’t work, what should I do?

Please contact us directly with description of the malfunction and preferably with a photo of the product. This way we can guide you to the customer service of the company who is selling your product.

How do I clean my CrushGrind® grinder?

In most cases you can clean your mill by grinding some coarse salt.

For a more thorough clean, unscrew the grey adjusting wheel.

Take out the ceramic cone and let it soak in hot water.

Make sure that the ceramic cone is completely dry before re-mounting and grinding again.

The ceramic cone should dry for at least 24 hours.

Please check the manual of your product.

In some cases the product can be cleaned in a dishwasher.

When I grind with my CrushGrind® grinder, nothing comes out! What should I do?

This can be caused by different things:

  1. First try to unscrew the grey adjusting wheel and take out the ceramic cone. If there is a lot of spice residue in the grooves, the function will be affected. Check also if the ceramic crown has spice residue. Clean it and re-mount the cone inside  the grinder.
  2. If this does not work, the problem can be caused by a spice which is too oily (e.g. nutmeg, garlic or paprika). Check if the spice is too wet/oily.
  3. If the problem is not caused by any of above, please contact our office in Denmark.