The company

07.05.15-08_mediumIn January 1991 Ken Muff Lassen founded the company International Design Enterprise A/S. By coincidence he noticed that the abbreviation of the full name was in fact IDEAS – which by and large summed up what the company was all about.

Originally IDEAS was a design company, but with the successfull launch of its trademark CrushGrind® – the original ceramic mechanism™, in 1994, the company changed directions.

Today IDEAS works with product development of functional concepts for the modern household.
The predominant activity is flavour enhancement concepts around CrushGrind®.
Besides CrushGrind®, IDEAS has developed innovations such as OxiPour™ for aerating wine and MakeEdge™ for honing knives.

IDEAS’ headquarter is based in Filmbyen, Denmark, just 10 km from Copenhagen city centre, or 15 km from Copenhagen airport.
The team in Denmark handles product development and key account management.

IDEAS has a team in China, employed at the subsidiary, Dongguan IDEAS Trading Co., Ltd, based in Zhangmutou.
The team in China handles quality assurance, inspections and supports the team in Denmark with product development and supply-chain related tasks.

In 2015 IDEAS established a subsidiary in USA, IDEAS USA Inc, in Sturtevant, WI.