Brazil Coffee Grinder

Weekend is coming up, and what better way to treat to your special ones than to serve a cup of freshly gound coffee brewed with passion. It takes only 5 minutes and it tastes so much better! Enjoy the weekend and the authentic flavour of coffee. Click here to see a demonstration video of our … Read more

CrushGrind® supports charity project

Cambodia is one of the world’s poorest countries. Although the country is slowly being built up after many years with war, poverty is still a daily reality for a large part of the population. “About 90% of people living below the poverty line in Cambodia, live in rural areas where there are very few facilities. … Read more

CrushGrind® Coffee – Barista

Tooling for our new coffee grinder mechanism Barista is in process and expected to be finished by end of August. This mechanism will work for slim and handheld products as well as on-the-go products. IDEAS will be developing a handheld product with Barista inside. Product will be launched at Ambiente 2016. Should you be interested … Read more

Brazil coffee grinder

BRAZIL coffee grinder is powered by CrushGrind® Coffee. It sets new standards within consumer products for grinding coffee. Coffee should be ground instantly before brewing. With CrushGrind® Coffee this can be done effortlessly and in your exact favourite coarseness. BRAZIL coffee grinder consists of a grinder and a base. The base holds product firmly at … Read more

New adjusting wheels

IDEAS has updated the design and colours of the adjusting wheels for our technologies CrushGrind®25 (previously known as CrushGrind®) and CrushGrind®10 (previously known as AllGrind™). The new adjusting wheels will enhance the coarseness setting and the feel of the CrushGrind® products. The new adjusting wheels will be applied to all new orders delivered as of … Read more

Peppermills for Africa

We would like to give a tribute to our distributor Piet Smith from “Peppermills for Africa”. Piet Smith has been distributing our CrushGrind® mechanisms since 2008. Due to his hard work, CrushGrind® has become a well-known brand in Africa, and the demand keeps on growing. Besides distributing our CrushGrind® mechanisms, Pepper Mills for Africa have … Read more