The founder

In 1962 Ken Muff Lassen (b. 1939) established his first company, Domus Danica, which was a sales gathering of 7 Danish furniture manufactures.

In 1968 Ken sold his shares of Domus Danica to establish and start up IKEA in Denmark.

From 1976 Ken was member of Inter IKEA’s group management team with the  worldwide responsibility for concept, product and assortment development for the entire IKEA group.

In 1987 Ken left IKEA to establish his own company again having the dream of  working in a small company,  finding a little gismo which could be sold in millions and  earning money by selling products which are better.

Today Ken is an active part of our board. He still has a great passion for product developments and continues to be originator on many of IDEAS’ developments and concepts.