IDEAS Denmark A/S is a company specialized in product- and concept development  within the niche of kitchen tools for improvement of taste, as well as tableware.

We offer a variety of services within the flow from idea and design to finished product.
In everything we do, we keep our mantra in mind:
Concepts · knowledge · technologies


We develop more than just products.
We think in concepts supporting the product.
Concepts creating synergies and keeping a product alive.
Concepts that allow for constant development and improvement.


Whether it is tools for spices, coffee, wine or knives – we take pride in becoming experts in the area.
Understanding the chemistry of food is essential when choosing material and design for a new product.
It is only when working from this knowledge that we can create better products.


We are uncompromising when it comes to function! We strive for the best function – every time!
We are innovative in our attempt to find the ultimate function. We investigate new materials, new production technologies, new ways of constructing.
Our technologies are developed in cooperation with experts.
Our technologies are functions with guarantee!